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Scared about coding?

There are many fears at the beginning of learning about the tech world. But guess what? You are not alone. In fact, most people in this community feel the same way! We leave you some of our fears when learning to program and how you can challenge this fear!
We know that it can be scary to learn something new and complex, like programming. All of us also feel the same when we start learning to code

Why are we in this situation?
You probably feel a bit like an impostor, like you don't belong in this space, that you're just faking it until you make it. But guess that? You are not alone. In fact, most people in this community feel the same way! We've all felt like impostors at one time or another, but we've learned that the best way to overcome those feelings is to take action and get the job done every day.

So if you feel nervous about learning to code and you're worried that everyone around you knows more than you, don't worry! The truth is that everyone feels this way when they start their journey towards programming, we all had those fears too when we started.

“Since I was little I was always fast and good with numbers, but always with the fear that "programming" or something similar would be very difficult. - Camilo Ramírez, Data Science Student

“That it was something very difficult to learn and feeling would never get anything done and I was just wasting my time” - Luis Guzmán, Full Stack Developer

“I feel that I was not going to understand anything because I come from another career (psychology). -Laura Moreno, Front End Developer

Everything takes time!

If you think the programming language is complicated, you are going to find it much more difficult to learn. Everyone comes to programming for the first time with a mix of skills, but they can all be learned if you put in the hours and keep doing it and don't get discouraged.

Programming is not like math, or even like learning to write. It's more like learning to play an instrument. of course there will be mistakes at first. No one picks up a violin and plays all four seasons on the first day. Your first note will sound like someone is strangling a music box, and that's okay, because it gets better and better.

It takes practice, it takes focus, but anyone can learn to play an instrument if they put the time into it.

And remember: if you get stuck or confused, just ask for help! At Le Wagon we have free resources and workshops on how to learn any language.
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