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Learning Part-time in Barcelona: Florencia’s Story

Florencia is one of the amazing students who decided to study in our Part-Time bootcamp. The part-time bootcamp is a 24-week format she joined in to keep her job and upskill herself. Learn more about her story!
Originally from Argentina, I studied Industrial Engineering and started my career as a Data Analyst 10 years ago. I then decided to take a job as a Product Manager in a tech company in Barcelona. I am now working very closely with Developers and this is how I realized I wanted and needed to learn how to code in order to have a better understanding of the tech side of the products we're building and to simply upskill myself. 

An adapted schedule for employees who want to upgrade their lives

I always had the feeling that coding was something I would enjoy. That’s why I was always looking at different bootcamp options without really making the decision to enroll. Joining a full-time bootcamp meant that I would have to leave my job and I did not want to take that risk. Thus, the part-time format was the perfect option for me. It allowed me to keep my job while learning to code. 

With my current job, I am working from 9 am to 6 pm every day and sometimes I even have to work later. But since I started the bootcamp, I have lectures at 6:30 pm soI try not to work too late because I think one of the most important keys to a successful bootcamp is to be able to relax before the classes. I try to follow Le Wagon’s schedule as much as I can by watching lectures on Mondays and Fridays, but this course is very flexible and I know that I can rewatch it when I have more time. Sometimes I could even wake up earlier on Saturdays to rewatch lectures before we start our Saturday’s full-day coding challenges. 
And then I rest and enjoy my Sundays as much as possible to get ready to start a new week’s adventure! 


An intense and rewarding challenge for yourself

During the bootcamp, you’ll have a lot of new information to absorb. From lectures to challenges, you will enter a brand new world, and doing this after a full-time job can sometimes be difficult. After many weeks of working Monday to Friday with classes on Saturday, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why you need to trust the process and disconnect whenever your mind requires it in order to recharge the energy you need to become a coding master. 

On the positive side, the sessions go very smoothly and are really entertaining. I often finish class with even more energy than when I started. 
The best benefit of this bootcamp format is definitely that you can do it while working; t can be a lot of effort but I can definitely tell you that it’s worth it. Doing it remotely is also something that suits me well. This way, I can learn in an environment I feel comfortable in and I don’t spend precious time commuting. The pace of the part-time and the learning rhythm is slower than full-time. It gives you more time to absorb what you are studying and enables you to put in some extra work when possible. 

I would absolutely recommend the bootcamp to whoever wants to dive into coding without having to quit their job. It is a low-risk way to see if it’s something you enjoy and even if you don’t want to become a developer, you will end up with a lot of useful and practical skills that will open tons of new opportunities. 

And you, will you learn to code and change your life? 

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