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Infographic: Le Wagon Melbourne Coding Bootcamp Jobs Outcomes

At Le Wagon, our goal is simple: We want to set you up for success in your tech career. If you are considering changing your life and learning to code, here are key outcomes figures from our Bootcamp students in 2020! Discover what our alumni are doing now, how long it took them to find a job, and how Le Wagon has impacted their careers for the best.

Le Wagon Australia job outcomes in 2020

With 95% of our graduates successfully changing their careers, Le Wagon Australia has proved to be a major career enabler.

Our mission will always be to make sure all our students find a job in tech after their course. For 73% of our job-seeking alumni, it took less than 3 months to find a role, and some of them even managed to land one before graduating!

How can we achieve such high job rates? Our courses are constantly improved and iterated over for you to learn what the industry needs, and we now have a Career Week included in the course to set you up for success.  

Anyone who is passionate can work in tech

Le Wagon offers an inclusive environment, and we cater to all ages and backgrounds. We believe that, with the right mindset and genuine passion, anyone can learn to code and change their career. We believe that it's also why our students love their experience so much!

We are dedicated to promoting diversity in tech, and will always be. While the gender diversity in the Australian tech scene is slowly improving, there is still a lot of work to do to make it a more diverse space. We have been steadily welcoming more and more women, who are now representing 35% of our students. Some of our recent batches have a fully gender-equal ratio! We are working on making Le Wagon a more inclusive place, and we will always try to improve. 

Start simple, build things, and always continue learning in the best environment 

The first thing we tell our students when they graduate? It's just the beginning. During the Bootcamp, you learn all the core skills you need to thrive as a developer or a Data Scientist - but we encourage them to keep learning every day as soon as they finish. It is all about the process!

Right after finishing the course, you get access to our library of resources with a large variety of tutorials, courses, exercises... And as you get life-long access, you're guaranteed to keep learning with us! 

You will also stay connected with our worldwide community through Slack, sharing tips and helping each other on their tech journey. A large majority (91%) of our Melbourne graduates keep learning after the Bootcamp and now know two coding languages and more. The course really helps them set a great foundation to learn other languages very easily!

Learn to code with passion and purpose

At Le Wagon Melbourne, we train the next generation of tech leaders. From joining companies as employees, freelancing or starting their own business, our alumni are making us very proud! We love that Le Wagon inspires people to do something beyond what they could even imagine before the Bootcamp.

When joining Le Wagon, you become part of a 13,000+ strong community of alumni. This international community will help you grow, find job or learning opportunities - it will be the support system you need to successfully make your career change. 

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