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Curated list of Shanghai-based programs for entrepreneurs

Shanghai, as a major global business hub with a thriving startup scene, is home to many great entrepreneurial programs. In this article, we will curate some of the best communities for the creative and adventurous minds.
Overseas and local entrepreneurs often ask our mentors at Le Wagon Shanghai what are the existing programs to turn their idea into a startup, or to improve their odds of success in mainland China .

Luckily, Shanghai, as a rising global business hub with thriving startup scene, is home to many great entrepreneurial communities. In this article, we curate some of the best Shanghai-based programs for the creative and adventurous minds like you.

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The List in a Snapshot

  • Chinaccelerator
  • XNode
  • Startup Leadership Program
  • iGenesiis
  • The Concept Lab
  • Jade Value incubator
  • FinTech connector
  • Bayer Grants4Apps Incubator
  • Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Le Wagon
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1. ChinAccelerator

"We help leading global internet startups to enter China and help local Chinese startups expand to global markets."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-ca.jpg)


3+3 Months Program for Startups

  • The first 3 months are residential and culminate in demo day. Startups are required to relocate to Shanghai. The second 3 months are flexible. Companies can choose to stay at our office where we will continue to provide fundraising support and next steps.
  • CA's partner fund SOSV takes 6% common equity. With $120,000 investment, $40,000 is attributed to the cost of the accelerator. The remaining $80,000 is cash investment.
  • Startups get 1:1 support from CA's 290+ mentor network. In addition, they get to leverage the expertise from 6 Experts in Residence, as well as connections to vast corporate partners.

Target Group:

  1. Leading global internet startups seeking to enter China

  2. Local Chinese startups aiming to expand to global markets

Application Process & Program Details:

2. XNode

"We help startups & entrepreneurs create the future."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-xnode.jpg)


Scaleup Acceleration Program

  • 0% equity Scaleup Acceleration Program, innovative investment model for fast-growing companies
  • Designed to help mid-late stage technology companies grow their businesses to China.
  • The space has networks of overseas and Chinese entrepreneurs, as well as workshops and incubation resources.

Target Group:

  1. Companies that have traction in their home market. This can mean different things, but it's typically a strong demonstration of product-market fit and/or some institutional funding for their expansion into new markets.

  2. Companies that are serious about launching their product or service into the Chinese market.

  3. The program is NOT looking for businesses that are only looking to source/manufacture in China. To be clear, not averse to having companies that need to source/manufacture in China as part of their model, but the program is built around helping set up business operations here for the long term so there should be a China angle to the business.

  4. Applicants need to be able to commit to being in Shanghai for a 3-month program.

Application Process & Program Details:

3. Startup Leadership Program

"A community of entrepreneurs and innovators committed to changing the world."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-slp.jpg)


  • Highly selective, global, world-class training program and lifelong network of people who want to be startup CEOs
  • Classes are held on evenings or weekends. The program takes no equity in startups.
  • You can start in one city, but attend any class in any city worldwide.
  • SLP Fellows (participants) have founded more than 1,300 successful startups, collectively raised more than $500M in funding.

Target Group:

People who either founded or run a startup, or are innovators or idea generators who would like to turn an idea into a company, or are VC who want to be closer to entrepreneurs.

Application Process & Program Details:

4. iGenesiis

"The community way to ignite your startup in 15 weeks."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-igenesiis.jpg)


  • Turn an innovative idea into a startup in around 200 hours over 15 weeks.
  • Night classes guided by mentors, practical startup tools, networking activities + weekly homework and group-work to build up startup gradually.
  • Improve and transform yourself into an effective startup founder, and integrate into the community & shared equity pool.

Target Group:

  1. People with innovative ideas who want to ignite their business leveraging the power of innopreneur community.

  2. People at the beginning, before the accelerator and incubator stages, of their startup.

Application Process & Program Details:

5. Concept Lab

"An education-based, revenue-driven training program supporting sustainable and diverse businesses."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-concept-lab.jpg)


  • Series of workshop on WeChat. Every two weeks there will be a new topic.
  • Define your own success and choose the topics...
    • Stabilize and grow your business
    • Learn and apply the most relevant, actionable tools
    • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and attend entrepreneur events

Target Group:

Entrepreneurs, founders of small Shanghai-based businesses

Application Process & Program Details:

6. Jade Value incubator

"JadeValue provides promising Fintech startups with the Capital, Network and Advisory they need to reach the next level."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-jade-value.jpg)


  • Located in Lujiazui, with a stunning view over the Huangpu River, this large space is an innovation, learning and idea exchange platform, where startups, investors, and the global FinTech network can interact.
  • Focus is on the future of inclusive Financial services in China: InsurTech, Blockchain, WealthTech, PropTech, Alternative Lending

Target Group:

Fintech startup in the above mentioned five areas.

Application Process:

7. FinTech connector

"The first exclusive online membership community that connects local fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups (Innovators) with global professionals, thought leaders, and investors (Enablers)."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-fin-tech-connector.jpg)


  • Innovate financial services with cutting-edge technology that will benefit people around the world.
  • Connect local communities with a global network of Enablers and Innovators through virtual events and targeted forums.
  • Fintech events worldwide include Social Networking, Pitch Presentation Night, Fireside Chats with Thought Leaders, Technology Demo Day, and Investor Workshops
  • Link communities from New York to Sao Paulo and Nairobi to Shanghai.

Target Group:


  1. Experienced professionals in finance, business development, consulting, or technology

  2. Have extensive professional networks

  3. Experienced investors or have access to investor networks


  1. Are entrepreneurs with a vetted fintech business or innovation idea, an Investor Pitch Deck AND Explainer Video, or a Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product

  2. Are MIT/GetSmarter alumni with a viable Capstone Project and an established team of innovators

  3. Own a Pre-Series A fintech startup

Application Process & Program Details:

8. Bayer Grants4Apps Incubator

"Grants4Apps is Bayer’s accelerator program, organized around the concept of Digital Health."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-bayer.jpg)


  • Mentoring & Coaching: Coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs & Bayer Senior Managers
  • 88-day program in Bayer Shanghai office: Creative co-working space located at the heart of Shanghai’s CBD
  • Networking: Networking with China startup communities, digital health startup communities as well as Meetups and roadshows
  • RMB 30,000 as financial support

Target Group:

Seed round funding digital health startups with a powerful vision and great teams that already have a prototype that they’ve tested with potential customers, but are still pre-revenue.

There should be significant scaling opportunities and a focus on digital health, either via a business model, an app or a device.

Application Process & Program Details:

9. Le Wagon

"Le Wagons brings technical skills to entrepreneurs and creative people."

![](blog_image_path 2018-04-06-lewagon-shanghai.jpg)


  • Help entrepreneurs harness full-stack development skills in 9 weeks
  • Product-driven curriculum, combining code and business.
  • Seasoned teaching crew with rich entrepreneurial and tech experience.
  • International, project-based learning environment
  • A global tech community with 2500+ graduates in 29 cities.

Target Group:

  • Entrepreneurs, designers, and students who want to learn how to code, work in tech, freelance or launch a tech startup.
  • Wicked-smart individuals at beginner level who are dedicated and have great team spirit.

Application Process & Program Details:

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