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They graduated in Madrid a year ago – where are they now?

A little over a year ago, on March 13th, 2020 (the day confinement in Spain started!), 12 wonderful students graduated from Batch #369 in Madrid. 15 months have passed, and we are curious to see what they are up to!
We recently welcomed Alán Rodríguez to the Madrid campus as a Teaching Assistant (check out our post about him on our Instagram) - to help & support the students of Batch #628 as they enter the second phase of the bootcamp: Project Weeks. In the last 3 weeks of the bootcamp, they will create beautiful and (obviously) functioning web applications in groups: an AirBnB clone in 5 days, and then their own unique projects in 9 days. 

By the end of the course, they will have a total of 3 web apps to feature in their portfolios, as they enter the final phase of their life-changing experience: figuring out what comes next! Learning how to code can open many doors, and students join our Web Development bootcamp with different goals and expectations:
Some want to change careers and become web developers or product managers.
Others want to create their own company or become freelancers to be geographically independent.
And some just want to upskill to perform better in their current jobs. 
Whichever path they want to take, we are here to support them as they enter this new chapter! 

A little over a year ago - on March 13th, 2020 (the day confinement in Spain began!), 12 wonderful students graduated from Batch #369 in Madrid. Alán was one of them. From passionate actor & film-maker to full-stack developer, he is back on campus to share his new skills with our current students. 15 months have passed, and we are curious to see what the rest of his classmates are up to! 
Batch #369 in Madrid

Who are they? 

In the tech world where the gender gap is all too real, we are proud to say that in this batch, 7 students out of 12 were women. That’s 58%

Another fun fact is that of the 12 students, there were 6 different nationalities. Le Wagon is a very international bootcamp, and we are proud to always welcome students from many different countries to our Madrid campus. The countries represented were: Spain (of course), the US, Panama, Germany, Brazil, and Slovenia. 

What are they up to now? 

Out of 12 students, 11 (92%) were employment seekers. 5 students found new jobs after the bootcamp, 5 became freelancers, 1 created their own startup, and 1 continued their studies. 

Those who wanted to work

If we focus on the employment seekers, 55% of respondents had found employment within 3 months or less, 82% had found employment in 6 months or less, and 100% have now found employment

Of those who found a new job, 60% accepted the first job offer they were offered. 67% of them are now working in tech roles (#1 role is full-stack developer), and 33% are working in business roles

Those who became freelancers

Freelancing is a tempting path to take. To work for yourself, be geographically independent, manage your time as you see fit. It can be daunting as well though, especially to find your first freelancing project. Fortunately, we can count on a very active freelancing community at Le Wagon, and it took our 5 freelancers of batch #369 a median time of 17.5 days to find their first freelance project. Their median daily freelance rate is 300€. 

Those who became entrepreneurs

One of our graduates of Batch #369 created their own company, Sapphire Technologies, that focuses on implementing and customizing enterprise systems for mid-tier firms in the US (USD 20-200M in annual rev), and we wish them the best of luck! 

We say that by learning to code at Le Wagon, you are taking the first step to changing your life - and it's true! We can't wait to tell your story next - all you have to do is take the first step...

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