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Emil is joining Le Wagon

2022 will be the year of our 1st acquisition and because we are the leaders in bootcamps, we have partnered with the leader in short, online and immersive data training: Emil.

Emil, the leader in short, online and immersive data training. 

Emil offers online and flexible training for professionals who want to increase their data skills. Created in 2020 by Thomas Bouttefort (co-founder of Shapr) and Paul Mochkovitch (former Head of Data Science at Shapr), all courses are co-constructed and delivered online by employees of the best French startups (Doctolib, Payfit or Aircall).

This acquisition was an obvious choice since we share with Emil the same values and the same vision of training: immersive, in cohorts and concrete with teachers who work in startups or Tech companies. 

Obviously, these short courses are complementary to those of Le Wagon, designed for those who want to change careers. But not only! With Thomas and Paul, we share our desire to have a real impact on people's lives, to help them grow in their careers and throughout their lives. When we build a program, we think first about how it will impact the lives and careers of our students.

New courses coming this summer

Thanks to Emil, we can now offer super actionable data courses:
  • Skill courses to increase your skills in data; 
  • A bootcamp to launch your career as a Data Analyst, one of the most in-demand jobs by companies; 
  • In 2023, we will launch skill courses and a bootcamp to train for No Code jobs, which are emerging in startups and large companies.

    Welcome Emil!
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