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Meet our students: how Yiro followed his dream and became a developer

Yiro comes from Mexico and was working as an IT consultant for a mobile company in Latin America before joining Le Wagon. He also lived in Shanghai, where he worked for a logistics company. Passionate about coding, he wanted to follow his dream to become a web developer so he joined our web development bootcamp. Here is his story

Hi Yiro! Could you introduce yourself? What were you doing before joining Le Wagon?

My name is Yiro Yi and I’m from Mexico City. I’m a full stack developer who loves to code, eat kimchi, and watch horror movies!
Before joining Le Wagon I worked at an IT consulting company, then I went to deploy web & mobile app projects for a mobile company across Latin America, and finally, I worked in Shanghai working for a logistics company.

Did you already learn to code before joining the bootcamp?

Yes, I tried to learn some basics such as PHP, HTML, and CSS by myself before Le Wagon, as a hobby. Coding was a kind of therapy for me to release the stress from working.

Why did you decide to join Le Wagon?

During my time working for companies, I always was in touch with different kinds of applications, I realized how these kinds of tools made the life of employees easier. Web applications or mobile apps get rid of the boring and repetitive tasks and let people be more focused on finding creative ways to give value and problem solving for their organizations.

Later I had the opportunity to live in China and South Korea. During that time, I realized how technology was changing people’s lives - making it more comfortable, using various apps to order and deliver food, find a taxi, find a significant other, or to get access to plenty of services just by scanning a QR code with your mobile device.
I realized that those amazing apps just start as ideas and were later coded by a team of human beings, with a pair of hands, a laptop, and a cup of coffee.

My last job was not making me happy at all, and every day after work, I used to go back home, turn on my laptop and find coding tutorials on the internet to have fun.
Finally one day I thought, “Hey, if coding is something that makes me happy, why isn’t it what I’m doing for a living?”, so I took the decision to become a developer and I've had one of the best experiences of my life at Le Wagon in Seoul, batch #396!

Le Wagon emphasizes on teaching and helping you understand what is happening behind the scenes.

What stood out during your experience at Le Wagon?

The experience at Le Wagon was incredible, the program is well structured, it teaches you step by step how to design, prepare, test, and deploy a whole web application. 

The most important is that Le Wagon emphasizes on teaching and helping you understand what is happening behind the scenes. In my opinion, this is crucial in the process to become a good developer because at the end of the day, the most important is not the programming language that you learn, the most important is to learn how to think and be able to use these tools to solve a problem to generate value for society and this is something that Le Wagon is very good at! It was very impressive to see the growth of my friends during the batch. Hyejeong for example: with zero coding experience, after just 9 weeks, she was the best student in the batch and was leading our last project.

Finally, besides the coding experience, the most important and valuable thing that I got from Le Wagon are the friendships that you will make with the people you meet: classmates, teachers, staff - all of them are going to become lifelong friends. People with different backgrounds and nationalities connected by the same dreams and the same language “Coding”.

Can you tell us more about the product that you created in the last two weeks of the bootcamp?

The product that we proudly created was a wedding planner. The main feature is that you are able to find thousands of suppliers around your location or any country. Our product has other features, such as the ability for suppliers to manage their product portfolio, conversations with customers and payments. Users can also create guest lists and send invitations by email to each of them. Users can check supplier products and can contact the supplier directly via a chat and can then buy the product directly within the app.

This product was designed, tested & developed in just 2 weeks using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Members of our amazing team had different backgrounds: coming from the fashion industry, purchasing and logistics. However, this is what it takes to make awesome things - people who know how to solve problems in different ways, people who can see problems from different angles, but what we had in common is that we spoke the same language “Coding”. When you put this together you obtain an incredible result.

What pushed you to stay motivated during the bootcamp?

Many factors helped me to stay motivated, but something that was there all the time was Le Wagon teachers, staff, and classmates. They were always available, at all times, in and out of the classroom.

The experience at Le Wagon was incredible, the program is well structured, it teaches you step by step how to design, prepare, test, and deploy a whole web application.

What did you do after graduating from the bootcamp? 

I’m currently working as IT Manager at Huawei Mexico. I’m still working on some projects that I thought about during the bootcamp. One of my ideas that I’m currently building is a social network. I’m using a Ruby on Rails API for the backend, and HTML, SASS, and React-Redux for the front-end. 

What is your advice for those who want to start a career as developers after the bootcamp?

This is what I have done, my “3 Don’ts ”:
1. DON’T STOP CODING: keep yourself fresh, code at least one hour every day, build some simple apps, keep improving your final product or find somebody that needs an app and create it for them.
2. DON’T STOP LEARNING: whether you want to become a backend, frontend or full stack developer, keep sharpening your skills, rework on the bootcamp challenges, help other Wagoners in our community, helping is also a great way to learn!
3. DON’T GET DISCOURAGED: since the world is experiencing difficult times, there is a lot of competition and the coding world is no exception. However, believe in yourself and trust the foundations and tools that Le Wagon gave you. Whatever your dream is, you are ready to grab it!
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