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Meet 3 Web Development alumni who have found a job in tech

Find out what Le Wagon's Web Development graduates end up doing after the bootcamp! In this article, you'll discover 3 of our alumni who have transitioned into tech. Learning to code at Le Wagon can enable you to become a digital nomad, find a job as an engineer or start your own tech startup! Find out how now.

Tariq, from Digital Marketing to tech entrepreneur

Tariq used to work in Digital Marketing over the past 10 years before he joined the Web Development bootcamp in Dubai. He joined Le Wagon to develop practical skills and bridge the gaps in his knowledge. Now, he helps startups and businesses leverage tech to unlock new competitive opportunities.

Stephanie, from Financial & Business Analyst to Developer

Stephanie joined the Web Development bootcamp in Montréal as she was curious about coding.  She worked as a Financial & Business Analyst for several years before she transitioned into a tech role as Analyst Developer.

Ada, from Digital Marketing to IT Application Analyst

Ada was sent by her company, a major French sportswear company, to Le Wagon Shanghai to learn to code and upskill. A year later, she is transitioning from digital marketing to tech in the same company as an IT Application Analyst.

Did you know that 93% of respondents who graduated from our EU campuses have found employment? Learn more about the Web Development bootcamps:

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