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Sinan becomes Product Owner in a Swiss startup

Sinan worked as a mechanical engineer for an international company for a few years. He wanted to switch path and he is now a Product Owner in a local startup Sinan is a multicutural profile as he is Swiss American and Turkish

Hi Sinan. Can you tell us more about your background?

I am a mechanical engineer and I work for 4 years in an International Companies in Switzerland. I wanted change, but I didn't really know which way to go, so I took some time to test and discover different jobs. I tried consulting (process optimization), I launched a food truck specialized in Turkish food, and I trained a feminine soccer team. Also, I was always attracted by programming. So I started learning online on my own and then I decided I wanted to accelerate, si I applied to Le Wagon in Lausanne.

How did the Bootcamp go for you?

I was truly a unique experience. Since day 1, we were exposed to a huge quantity of information and we had to grasp each day new concepts really quickly. It was a shock, but the Bootcamp went extremely well thanks to a great working atmosphere, good teachers and assistants, and a high emulation within the group (even if I didn't win the Mario Kart night...). The 9 weeks went super fast! I can only advise people who want to enter the Tech world to do Le Wagon.

Why did you want to learn coding? And what are you doing now?

I was attracted to this world because programming is for me really fun and I can spend hours on a problem without noticing how fast the time is going. Also, learning to code can help you reach this digital nomad dream lifestyle. Even if I won't be working on a beach on the other side of the planet, I really want to enjoy the flexibility and liberty that go along with Tech jobs nowadays. And reach a work / private life harmony.

Right now, I am working in between Business and Tech because I just got a job in a local startup as a Product Owner. I keep playing with in coding since I am teaching and assisting at Le Wagon in Lausanne and I build my own dev projects in my spare time.

Do you use your coding skills to be a Product Owner?

A Product Owner is part of the Scrum team and is the actual "Owner" of the product the startup is developing. Well, actually I am not an owner like in real estate, but more the person who defines what the application will look like, which features do we decide to code with which priority and I also make sure the product responds to our clients' needs. It is a complex role where you need project management & soft skills but also coding & hard skills. I am still fresh in the job, but I think what I learnt at Le Wagon will help me translate what our clients want into Tech requirements for our developers' team.

Something else to say? 

Now I just want to keep learning, get a lot of experience from that new role as a Product Owner and in the Tech world. I will also keep strong links with coding and Le Wagon. No specific plans for the future, but I am sure it will involve programming!

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