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Le Wagon was the perfect “move” to change careers

Pierre may be a professional with an interesting résumé — he’s worked as a marketing specialist, financial analyst, and sales representative in the tech industry — but given his self-professed passion for travel, it’s no wonder he embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in fall 2019: joining Le Wagon Montréal to learn how to code!
It led him to where he is today; working as a Product Owner at Alithya

How was your experience with the bootcamp? 

As I was new to Montreal, the connections I made with my classmates, with the Le Wagon community, and through the networking events are what made this journey priceless. Week after week, the bootcamp helped me gain more confidence. It was the perfect “move” to change careers. 

What’s your role at Alithya and what are your days like? 

As a product owner, I am at the crossroad of many departments. I like the fact that I get to be the “mini CEO” of my product. Keeping in mind my clients’ needs, I am the one who gets to prioritize features and impact what could be the next “big thing”. It’s very rewarding! 

There is no typical work day or week. I have the opportunity to be involved with multiple products and clients. It can be intense and challenging to manage competing priorities across multiple departement, but I like the fact that my weeks are filled with a wide variety of tasks and disciplines like design, marketing, management, customer interviews, just to name a few.

If you’re a good communicator and not afraid of being flexible or dealing with uncertainty, this is the role for you!

How did the bootcamp help you achieve your career goals? 

I would say that the last 3 weeks were instrumental in helping me prepare for my current position. During project weeks, we work in teams and learn how to design a product from scratch. In addition to technical skills, this also requires a tremendous amount of soft skills.

Any advice for students on how to lock down their first job as a junior? 

Le Wagon’s methodology empowers you to pick up any other language very quickly. I became more confident at problem solving after the bootcamp because I had learned a new way of thinking.

I would also add: make sure to go to the networking events! Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to reach out or seek advice from senior profiles in the Le Wagon community. This is the best way to gain confidence for future interviews, and who knows, you might just find your next opportunity here. ;)

Do you want to hear more about the journey of our alumni ? Join our next webinar on May 1. Two of our alumni will share their experience and useful tips on how to get into the tech world. 

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