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Studying part-time, the right format for busy schedules!

Did you know that you can work full-time and still learn to code? Our part-time courses are the perfect fit for your busy schedules, with classes on evenings and Saturdays. Discover our latest part-time graduates' journeys as they learned to code in 24 weeks, going from beginners to junior software developers.
The part-time format is the perfect opportunity to upskill and evolve in your current job to start paving your own career in the tech world. Not only will you learn tech skills. You will also develop the soft skills needed in today’s work environment and get ready for your next professional steps.

But why choose the part-time format?
The program is perfect to learn how to code without having to leave your job, studies, or activities. You'll attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and enjoy a full day on campus on Saturdays. 
On top of that, it will give you plenty of time to understand the core concepts and review all the challenges and course content! 24 weeks may seem like a long time, but we assure you it just flies by!
You'll benefit from the same acclaimed content as our full-time bootcamp, amazing teaching staff, and career support to get you market-ready. 

3 graduates took a look back at their experience at Le Wagon and tell you why they decided to join our part-time Web Development batch. 

Hear it from the students of our latest batch!

Meet 3 of our part-time web development graduates. They all joined our batch starting in March and went on to learn to code in 24 weeks!
Arthur - batch #617

Amaury was managing the E-commerce and Marketing departments at Noukies.com before joining Le Wagon. 

Alan has a background in Law and Political Science before deciding to radically change his path and head towards the tech world after the pandemic. 

Arthur graduated with a degree in Business Engineering. He started to work as Project Manager for his university's startup incubator and then went on to become a freelance consultant, helping SME's leverage technology to optimize their business processes. 

Why did you join Le Wagon part-time bootcamp?

Amaury - One of my roles is to develop Noukies’ e-commerce and digitalize the company. My objective was to gain more technical competencies to help me with those goals, but also to gain knowledge and insights into coding in general.

Alan - I started to get more and more interested in IT and in Computer Science in general during the lockdown. That made me think again about what were my career goals and the contribution I want to have to society. I still had my studies going on so the part-time format was the best choice for me.

Arthur - I learned a lot by myself and started building landing pages with WordPress, then complex web apps with Bubble.io, but I didn’t feel confident enough to call myself a developer and needed to have a better overview of what the job really is, and to be able to overcome the limits of no-code tools using custom code. 
I had a full-time job but was really motivated to learn to code and didn’t want to take another online self-paced course that wouldn’t dive deep enough or wouldn’t give me the solid base I wanted. As I already knew Le Wagon thanks to a few Alumni, it didn’t take much time to decide it was the right format for me.

How would you describe your experience?

Amaury - The bootcamp is intense, especially the beginning; there is a lot to learn, and combining it with work is no easy task. 
The structure of the bootcamp, combined with the helpful teachers, as well as the atmosphere, make it a great experience and I made some friends along the way.

Alan - I learned a lot and that made a huge difference compared to what I knew about web development before! I’m glad to have crossed roads with my former teammates and everyone in my batch.

Arthur - It was really great, really good teachers and staff and the bootcamp was well structured. The rhythm was quite intense but the challenge-based curriculum and learning platform helped a lot to grasp all the concepts we were learning. 

What are you up to these days?

Amaury - Since the end of the bootcamp, I moved to the position of CEO at Noukie's. As the CEO, my goal is to develop the company and its brand, lead innovation, and make sure we serve the current and future consumers as well as possible.

Alan - I have several job opportunities at the moment but I'm also looking to start a new bootcamp in cybersecurity in March.

Arthur - Still working as a freelancer and helping SMEs improve their processes and build business applications, with a few more cards in my sleeves. 

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the course?

Amaury - Don’t hesitate, it’s very valuable. It’s a career booster and it’s definitely useful to know more about how the web works. 
To get the best out of it, (try to) prepare well between classes

Alan - I’d say that the part-time course is ideal for someone that has professional duties or studies besides. 2 evenings + 1 whole Saturday is still demanding though and requires some preparation in advance if you wanna retain the best amount of knowledge. So they should count more than the hours with the teachers to evaluate how much it requires per week.

Arthur - I would definitely recommend doing it. It’s not easy, but if you have enough time and motivation to invest, it’s a great way to learn to code and it allows you to join an amazing network! 

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