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November spotlight on entrepreneurs

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week happening from November 16th to the 21st, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our inspiring alumni who launched their own businesses after graduating from Le Wagon.
From tourism, technology, athletics, and health, these entrepreneurs share a drive and determination to improve the world around them by finding solutions to everyday problems.  

Gabriel, co-founder of Zebras Club

Gabriel had been a hockey referee for over 10 years when he joined Le Wagon to learn how to code. Dreaming of landing a job in the startup world, he ended up joining forces with his brother, also a hockey referee, to co-found a startup of his own. Together, they launched zebrasclub, a one-stop-shop for referee equipment. 

A trained sound engineer, Gabriel took up entrepreneurship when he realized how difficult it was to find reasonably priced referee gear and dedicated himself to creating a solution. Sometimes, when you want the job done, you have to do it yourself!

“Montreal is a good place to launch your startup … there are plenty of meetups happening every day and you can network or connect with others who can help with different areas of expertise.”

Théo, founder of Black Jelly

After studying business and finance at Paris-Dauphine University in France, Théo moved to Montreal in 2018 to join Le Wagon’s batch #125. After completing the bootcamp, he returned to Europe and settled in London to pursue a master’s degree in computer science.  

Flash forward to today and Théo is the founder of Black Jelly, a digital agency specializing in the design and development of web applications. Using the best technologies available, the agency designs user-centric products that are built to last.

José, “tech for good” entrepreneur 

José signed up for Le Wagon Montreal motivated to change people’s lives. He wanted to accelerate Arkangel, a startup he launched in 2018 to help a family member fighting a chronic illness. Though he had already developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), José realized he was still lacking the tech skills he needed to take his business to the next level.

Intended as a “Siri” of sorts for health, José’s app is designed for people suffering from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. Demand exploded when the prototype was launched, prompting the young team’s desire to quickly get up to speed in order to put forward a technically sound, high-performance product that would meet customer’s needs.


Nancy, promoting Rwanda as a must-see tourist destination

After studying business, innovation, and management, Nancy enrolled at le Wagon to acquire the indispensable tech skills she needed to launch her own business. 

After completing the bootcamp, she returned to Rwanda to launch Toutrip, an integrated solution for travel and tourism in Rwanda. Designed to simplify planning trips for either business or pleasure, the site allows you to make reliable, fast, and easy reservations without charging booking fees or needing a credit card.

spärck, a 100% female collective

When Vicky, Katell, Clémence, and Nour met in January 2020 while completing the web development bootcamp at Le Wagon Montreal, it wasn’t long before they became friends. Even after graduating, they continued working together to further advance their skills, and soon, the idea to undertake bigger projects together was born.  

Interestingly, before founding their 100% female tech talent collective, they were part of the very first female majority batch at Le Wagon. Read all about their journey.

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