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Our first post-bootcamp advice? “Never stop coding”

Our number #1 post-bootcamp advice? Build cool stuffs. Find a pet project, a topic you're passionate about, add in the mix a couple of new technologies to learn, and build something.
“Congratulations, you made it! It was an intense 9 weeks, and you can be proud of yourselves. What’s next? Never stop coding.”

This is the very beginning of the talk we give our students during the last day of the bootcamp. Between lifetime access to our teaching platform, countless additional tutorials and a free React mini-bootcamp, they have plenty of options to choose from.

Our number #1 advice though? Build cool stuffs. Find a pet project, a topic you’re passionate about, add in the mix a couple of new technologies to learn, and build something.

In these times where most of you are stuck at home, we want to inspire you by showcasing some of the coolest projects built by our graduates after the bootcamp!

What are our graduates working on?

✈️ Vogair, by Silvia — batch #310

Before joining our September 2019 session, Silvia had been traveling the world for a couple of years, and right after graduating she flew to the popular nomad spot Chiang Mai for a well-deserved break (we told you these 9 weeks are intense). That’s when she realized that the city, once a safe heaven for world travelers was now extremely polluted, sometimes at extremely unhealthy levels.

She went on to build Vogair, a platform allowing the Chiang Mai nomad crowd to not only check the city’s air quality in real time (AQI 156 at the time of writing), but also to share tips about Gyms, Restaurants or Coworking Spaces with air purifiers. After kickstarting the platform with a few spots of her own, it is now being used by fellow nomads and lists over 70 spots in the city!

‍♂️ クラログ, by Rei — batch #252

Rei is a climbing afficionado. Not a climbing gym rat, but rather the kind of person who goes to the Yosemite over the Summer and climbs El Capitan.

Can you guess what happens when a climbing afficionado learns to code for 2 months? He ends up building クラログ, a web app that lets you log all your climbing sessions!

From listing all the gyms in Japan, to helping you log boulder problems’ grades, your number of tries or comments, クラログ is the perfect tool built by a passionate climber for passionate climbers. Most importantly, it’s a great example of how learning to code enables your creative side.

Geometry Elude, by Kaan — batch #310

If you’re following our Demo Day videos, you already know Kaan for his very serious Japanese learning routine, supported by Flavie. His post-bootcamp project, Geometry Elude, illustrate perfectly the variety of path that you can take after completing Le Wagon.

Let’s be honest, except for a simple 2D game and a Mario Bros workshop, we do not teach game development during our program. But the fundamentals you acquire about programming and development frameworks allow you to kickstart your career in any field, including game development.

Kaan is currently working on a few more indie games, and you can be sure we’ll be the first ones to talk about them!

Covid Japan Map, by Hidehiro — batch #58

It’s not the first time we write about Hide, and probably not the last time either. Hide was a student of our very first Le Wagon Tokyo batch, and his post-bootcamp resume is an exemplary mix of self-learning, freelancing and entrepreneurship: he taught himself machine learning, launched his own tech education venture with X-Hack, worked as a freelance for several startups, and most recently… got his first book published!

His latest mini-project, Covid Japan Map, shows us how you can quickly build a useful platform with just a few API calls. And just like any social project, Hide’s code is open-source and open for contributions on Github.

Speedbattles, by Trouni — batch #252

Last but not least, we’re happy to introduce a project by our teacher and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Trouni! Codewars SpeedBattles is only one of the numerous (seriously, we can’t count) projects Trouni is working on, and it’s been really fun using for our own Le Wagon sessions.

The concept is simple: Do you like Codewars? Well, what if we told you you can now organize Codewars Battles with your colleagues, friends or coding bootcamp batch mates? Find friends, book 2 hours, and join the battle. If you want to see how SpeedBattles work, join us for our next Codewars tournament!

Never Stop Coding

These are only a small sample of all the projects and apps built after Le Wagon Tokyo. During 9 weeks (our 24 weeks with our part-time bootcamp!), we give our students the skills to build cool stuffs. After the program, their drive and commitment to a career in tech will take them to the next level

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