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Meet our students: Rose, for the love of code

It took 3 years working as an SEO specialist at a digital marketing agency in Montreal for Rose to finally realize that, actually, she would prefer to code websites instead of optimizing them.

What motivated you to take the leap and change careers?

Aside from feeling the need for a change, it was curiosity that ultimately pushed me towards a career change. I had completed so many SEO audits that I started feeling an urge to grasp websites at an even deeper level. I wanted to familiarize myself with the tech side of things and gain an understanding of the web beyond marketing. 

Why did you choose to study web development at Le Wagon?

I fell in love with this bootcamp after having participated in a Le Wagon workshop. The culture and working environment really appealed to me. I started to look into the 9-week full-time program and I found myself completely identifying with this school’s values. I especially appreciated the fact that this experience involved working so closely together with other people in groups. 

“More than a school, this is a community that unites people and allows them to achieve more than what they thought possible.”

Finally, I chose Le Wagon in part for its curriculum, which, in my opinion, is very comprehensive and involves working on highly interesting projects (such as building an Airbnb clone), and in part because it is an organization and a community whose values I relate to. It unites people and allows them to achieve more than what they thought possible. It’s a marathon ;)

What advice would you give to women who are still waiting to start?

It took me a year before I finally took the leap. It’s scary, and it’s a lot of new information. You’ll ask yourself if you’ll make it through, if it’s just too intense, and if this is the right decision. The deciding factor for me was that I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try. The only way you’ll know is if you just try it! Trust me, you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll meet a bunch of new people, join a new network, rediscover yourself, tap into your hidden potential, and broaden your skill set!

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Follow Rose and her classmates in batch 367 along their journey on our Instagram and Facebook page

Curious to see the result of their hard work? Head on over to our DemoDay on March 13th to discover the web apps they built in teams during the last 10 days of the Web Development bootcamp.

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