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Le Wagon: The Solution to Filling Tech Roles in Singapore

Why is it so crucial to be digital-ready in Singapore? Setting aside the goals of the government and putting it simply, it's where jobs are and that's not going to change any time soon.
Take for example Shopee, the Singaporean e-commerce platform which was launched in 2015 and is now in 7 other markets which include Taiwan, Thailand, and even Brazil. It competes with other fast-growing e-commerce platforms in Asia such as Lazada, Tokopedia, and AliExpress. As a fast-growing tech company, Shopee is constantly hiring. As of June 29, there were more than 250 positions listed on their website; here is even a video by CNA which features a Shopee employee who talks about why she made a decision to learn how to code and how it opened up a new opportunity for her to get a tech role. Shopee is just one of the many companies in Singapore that are in need of tech talent.

Zache, an alumnus who graduated last November is now working at Shopee as a systems QA engineer. "I hoped to use my previous systems engineering knowledge together with the skillset gained from Le Wagon in understanding web application codes and interactions with databases as a head-start in this role," he said. His job is to ensure the quality of the Software Development Life Cycle that Shopee is adopting, through testing, code reviews, and requirements / technical designs, etc. Zache reached out to a friend to refer him and "I was offered a position of a systems QA engineer," he said.

Before Le Wagon, Zache was a fresh university graduate who had studied Systems Engineering, as part of a joint degree program by the Singapore Institute of Technology / Digipen Institute of Technology. During his capstone project, he was assigned to develop a web application used to monitor sensor data. With no prior experience in web development, he spent time self-learning and developed an interest in it during the process. Zache was then inspired to find a formal program because he wanted to gain more experience and improve in the web development aspects such as UI/UX, coding practices, etc. In researching what would fit his goals best, his criteria were program cost, course curriculum, and the length of the Bootcamp. "After a comprehensive comparison on courses offered in Singapore, I found Le Wagon to be the perfect balance in terms of its learning and practical approach," Zache said, "moreover, I found that the reviews online showed that Le Wagon stood out from its competitors, and their alumni outcomes were strong."

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"Le Wagon has given me very valuable experience and a solid foundation in web development," he said. Looking back, "I am very satisfied that I had made the right choice, "Zache said, "I enjoyed the learning process, sharing about the web application that I pitched, which my team and I then developed." Especially for students who build applications for the final project in the Bootcamp that are based on what they've come up with, it is definitely something to be proud of. Our product-driven curriculum enables students to experience Agile Product development practices, which all of our alumni will come across at some point in their tech careers. Specifically now for Zache as a QA engineer, requirements design which includes journey and product design and tech design such as prototyping in Figma and DB schema planning is something he already has experience in because of the Bootcamp. Our students go on to become developers, product managers, UI/UX designers and those are just a few of the many possibilities!

You don't have to have a background in tech and coding or a 4-year computer science degree to get into the tech industry. At the same time, the number of tech-related roles in Singapore is much higher than the number of people who have the skills to fill them. We're working to bridge the gap and encourage more people to take up the challenge to make their goals a reality. It's just a matter of what you see yourself wanting to do, and figuring out what you need to get you there. In Zache's case, it was joining us!

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