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Entrepreneurial Empowerment through Web Development

Read Marving's journey as he shares his experience and how Le Wagon helped him gain the necessary skills to develop MVPs and secure a job within three months.

Marving is an entrepreneur

Before taking part in Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp, the young entrepreneur was already a member of Centech, the incubator of Montreal’s École de technologie supérieure (ETS). In addition to this background, Marving had always gravitated towards web development, and the web in general, without having the opportunity to get his hands dirty until a crucial event changed that. 


A week before presenting his project to potential investors, his CTO abandoned ship and left Marving in the dark. I had no control over my project launch and I told myself I could never let that happen again.” His new goal – to train in web development so that he would have enough of a foundation to be able to develop minimum viable products (MVPs), or even first versions (V1s), depending on the projects he wanted to do.

That’s where Le Wagon comes in.


Le Wagon was the automatic choice

Having lived in France for several years, where Le Wagon’s reputation is well established, Marving chose this bootcamp without hesitation. He had seen the excellent feedback on the programs and finally took the plunge, after 3 or 4 years of indecision.

“What took me so long was that I had a full-time job and had preferred to focus on my digital marketing skills until then.”


His expectations for the program? Like the majority of people who take part, it’s to find a job quickly once the bootcamp is over. Especially for Marving who just immigrated to Canada, he was left with no choice but to find a job to satisfy the migratory demands he was subjected to.

Sooner than later, Marving found a full-time job in less than 3 months of searching (including a two-week vacation!).


An intense and immersive training program

Marving is well aware that “two months isn’t a lot of time”. And yet, in his opinion, it’s enough.

“The strength of Le Wagon bootcamps is founded on the very precise methodology that has been structured and validated continuously for years. Yes, someone could learn what we learn at Le Wagon at home, on their own, but it would take what… 6 months, 9 months… a year, maybe?”


What also surprised him was that other members of the cohort came from worlds opposite of tech. “There was someone from the construction industry in my cohort. He managed to find a job in the tech industry when he left the bootcamp.”


Marving highly recommends this bootcamp, especially to people coming from trade and non-tech industries.


The Le Wagon community, a prime asset

One of the other advantages to Marving is the Le Wagon network. “In Montreal, there are more and more companies hiring Le Wagon alumni on their teams, especially as web developers, it helps a lot to make connections.” In fact, the Le Wagon team organizes multiple opportunities to meet with alumni, to discuss the current tech industry and the realities of these professions. 

“They also help us to project ourselves and reassure ourselves. We get to learn firsthand that if this person could do it, I can do it too. It’s very rewarding!”


Beyond that, there’s also an enormous amount of mutual support within the cohorts themselves. “I’ve really felt this high sense of community,” Marving explains.


I learned a lot more than just Web Development

Beyond the purely technical skills learned during this intensive training, Marving explains that he obtained “logical reasoning” which is, according to him, “at the heart of why I chose Le Wagon”. According to him, this acquired reasoning ability, this way of solving problems, “is what is useful to me in my everyday work”.


Above all, this bootcamp gave him the desire to “keep pushing myself every day, to learn more and more, to be always interested and curious”. He adds that Le Wagon instills “very good fundamentals”, and teaches students to do things well.


His ultimate advice to anyone interested in Web Development is

“Don’t fall into the trap of new technologies and languages. Don’t tell yourself you have to learn them as soon as new tech comes out.

Take your time and build up solid skills in a few technologies, but no more than that. It’s better to know one language at your fingertips than only a little bit of 3, 4, 5 languages.”


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