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Meet Dylan: a web consultant who decided to specialize in web development

As a web consultant, Dylan used to work in various fields, from marketing to web development to photography. He wanted to specialize in one field, with the idea of becoming an expert in one craft, so he decided to join our web development bootcamp and focus on coding.
Hello, I'm Dylan. I used to be a web consultant before joining Le Wagon Web Development bootcamp. 
As a web consultant, I worked in various fields. I was doing social media marketing one day, a bit of development another day, email marketing, videography, photography, design, and so on.
At some point, I felt like I wanted to specialize in web development, as I believe it is better to be an expert in one craft rather than average in several ones. So, I joined Le Wagon to upskill. 

How did the bootcamp go?

My experience was good. I liked the fact that the curriculum is structured. Every morning, there’s a lesson, and if you miss it or didn’t understand something, you can always find the video recording on the platform. 
What did I like best? The front-end part and the last couple of weeks, when working on the final project within a team.

And after graduating from Le Wagon, what have you been doing since then?

Honestly, when you graduate from Le Wagon, it's only the start. So, I kept on learning and working on projects to build my portfolio, to help me find a job. 
I started focusing on JavaScript, with the goal to learn JavaScript, Node, and React. I bought several courses online and built projects. 
In March 2020, I landed a freelance gig as a full-stack developer for 3 months, in a rising startup, Vertuoza. With the covid situation happening at that time, we didn't prolonge the contract, so I changed company. 
So, in September 2020, I started working as a full-stack developer in another startup called Proxistore. And finally, in early 2021, I made the move to another company, called LolaLiza, as a full-stack developer. 


Tell us more about your job

I currently work as a full-stack developer at LolaLiza, a Belgian fashion company. I work alongside another Le Wagon Alumni who finished the batch just before mine.
My job consists of working with the front and the back of the website. The current stack is coded with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Javascript. Because of Salesforce, the whole code is a bit different, HTML becomes ISML, the backend Javascript has its prototypes and keywords. The database is connected to Salesforce where I can get the products and other information. We work with the MVC pattern. We also use XML files for form validation.
The way we work is with the AGILE methodology, also using a Kanban board. We don’t do sprints, we work task by task. 
I’m really happy about my job and the company culture is great. Everybody is friendly and has a team player attitude.

Any advice for anyone thinking of joining Le Wagon? 

Make sure it is a direction you want to take. And know that it can be hard at times, especially at the beginning but be resilient and go through. There will be people who are learning faster than you, it doesn’t matter, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon, keep going, everything will be good! 
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