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Meet 3 Data Science graduates who landed a job in tech after the bootcamp

Curious to know what our students end up doing after they graduate from our Data Science bootcamp? Meet 3 inspiring stories from all parts of the world of students who did our Data Science bootcamp and ended up finding jobs as Product Managers, Data Scientists and more!

Priscilla, from Retail and Merchandising to Product Manager at ASOS

Meet Priscilla, a Le Wagon London Data Science Graduate and Product Manager at ASOS. Priscilla tells us her story in her own words; from what she was doing prior to studying at Le Wagon, to how she uses her newly learned Data Science skills in her current PM role at ASOS.

Judith, from Consultant to Entrepreneur & Data Scientist

Before joining Le Wagon in Amsterdam, Judith was a Senior Consultant. One year later, she continues to teach at Le Wagon, work on her projects as a freelancer and founded her company The Other Option.


Lukas, Business School Student

Lukas is doing a Masters in Entrepreneurship and decided to do the Data Science bootcamp in Berlin as part of his studies and master’s thesis.


Did you know that 60% of respondents who graduated from our European campuses pursue a career in Software Engineering or Product Management? Other roles include Data Analytics, Technical Management and Operations.

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