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After studying business in Lyon, France, Maxime Lagresle interned in Singapore before taking on a role as a digital marketing analyst. An entrepreneur at heart, it wasn’t long before Maxime set his sights on becoming a product manager in the same company — and soon achieved it.
Yet, he quickly realized he was lacking the tech skills he needed to succeed in his new role. One thing lead to another and he soon found himself enrolled at le Wagon Montreal, drawn to the dynamic startup community of this city. 

After graduating from Le Wagon, Maxime was hired as a Performance Marketing Manager at Sheertex. Sheertex is a young Montreal startup that makes the world's first pair of the strongest pantyhose. 

Tell us about your career now

I work at Sheertex, a young Montreal startup that manufactures the most durable socks on earth! As a Performance Marketing Manager, I’m in charge of the Growth Framework, which consists of acquisition, activation, rétention, referral, and revenue. For every step of the framework, my goal is to analyse, understand, and optimise. 

In addition to my role at Sheertex, I’ve launched Growthtalk, a content creation agency. 

Why Growthtalk?

We’ve reached a point today where the market is saturated with information and companies are starting to understand that clickbait content is toxic for their brand image. With Growthtalk, our mission is to help brands deliver quality content to their audiences.

In this age of inbound marketing, many companies build products then publish ebooks in the hopes of generating leads. The problem with this method is that it lacks authenticity, especially if the product in question doesn’t really solve a need for the market. 

My co-founder and I are currently putting together a playbook on authenticity, outlining for companies how to build a brand authentically, beyond merely creating content. We want to specialize in research strategies and the development of transparent culture. 

What did you gain from your experience at Le Wagon? 

More than the tech skills we acquired during the bootcamp, we learned to resist hesitation and instead just go for it: dive in, launch ideas, make mistakes, learn, and start over. Today, I’m very comfortable in a role managing tech teams because I understand the technologies with which they work. 

Also, after finishing Le Wagon, I was able to start developing my own growth curation app. It will create personalized news feeds for users based on their selected preferences.

All in all, the bootcamp was a memorable experience thanks in part to these 3 reasons:

- The coursework completely demystifies web development as a profession
- It gave me the self-confidence I needed to launch my own project
- You’ll have the opportunity to join a rich community made up of diverse backgrounds and various fields united under a shared passion for technology. 

We’re excited to sit down with Katherine Homuth, founder of Sheertex (formerly Sheerly Genius), for a talk on February 5th at Le Wagon Montreal. Katherine has just been named one of the 30 entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes magazine. Book your tickets now!

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