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From Criminology to Data Engineer: Archibald’s Career Transition Story

After having graduated in Criminology, Archibald realized that his true passion lay in the world of technology. He decided to take the leap and enrolled in the Web Development bootcamp. The bootcamp was intense, but Archibald loved every minute of it. He then landed a job as a Data Engineer with one of our hiring partners. Discover his full story:
Hey Archibald, what did you do before joining Le Wagon?

I did a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations at Sussex University before doing a master’s degree in Law, Criminology and Forensics at Maastricht University.

What made you consider a career change?

I was tired of purely literary studies, I needed something where undisputed logic could be applied to a problem. Furthermore, I launched a food delivery website during Covid, this sparked my interest in coding. I found it fascinating that through code you could create products and innovate. I saw it as an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that would unlock new potential.

How was your experience at Le Wagon?

My experience was enriching, I met some open-minded people who were eager to learn and progress. I think Le Wagon is as much a coding experience as it is a human one. Sure you learn how to code but you also do it in an environment where communication skills and teamwork are an essential part of your day. 

What was your biggest challenge during the training?

I would say that believing in myself was challenging, especially at first. It is easy to start comparing yourself to others as well as absorbing the judgment some have on you. I would say that I started performing once I listened to myself and gave it all.

We know you found a job right after your bootcamp with one of our hiring partners, congratulations! Can you explain to us what a Data Engineer's job at Business & Decision consists of?

Thank you :) On a high level, Data Engineers are in charge of converting raw data into usable information for analytics and business decision-making. I’m also very delighted I have joined Business & Decision, Le Wagon’s partner and internationally known consulting company. It’s for me a great opportunity to evolve in the tech world. I also have the chance to work with other Le Wagon’s alumni, which definitely helped integrate the company. Le Wagon is also a great community to rely on. 

You have completed the Web Development bootcamp and landed a job in the Data industry. Do you have any advice for people who wish to transition from Web to Data?

I believe it all comes down to personal interest and motivation. The transition is feasible, you just have to put the right ingredients in. Obviously, Web and Data have differences but if you are keen on switching from one to the other, do some research, and show you are motivated and eager to learn.

What advice do you have for those who want to become a Data Engineer?

I would advise doing some research on what the job entails, for example looking into cloud services and see if that interests you. If you have certain certifications when applying for a job it can tilt the balance in your favor as well. Overall I would say that the most important thing is having an interest in data engineering and being motivated. 

What are your tips for getting the most out of the bootcamp?

Put pressure on yourself but in a positive way. You come out with what you put in.  There are no ‘exams’ at the end of the bootcamp, meaning that whether you absorb the material or not is entirely up to you. No one will push you to learn things apart from yourself (just like in the real world). So have high standards, try and absorb all you can and of course always have fun.

Thank you Archibald. We wish you all the best with your tech journey! 

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