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After Le Wagon, they became developers at Aircall

Thomas did Batch #2, Manou did Batch #30 at Le Wagon Paris, they now work in the same team.

Thomas did Batch #2, Manou did Batch #30, but they now work in the same team.

What were you doing before Le Wagon and what led you to enroll?

Manou: I worked as a Motion Designer for 3 years but got bored. I needed to put myself outside my comfort zone and to tackle new challenges. One day I ran into Joel Carvalho, a Le Wagon Alumni also working in the cinema industry, and he told me how his experience helped him to put things into perspective and how he transformed his job by learning how to code. This discussion triggered something in my mind and led me to enroll!

Thomas: I got a Master's degree in engineering and in decision theory and then started working as a data analyst in the advertisement industry. I joined le Wagon to be able to build products/ideas on my own without needing any support from technical teams.

How did you stay motivated throughout the course?

Manou: For a couple of weeks you can't help yourself but wondering where all those new notions are leading and how the loop will be closed. But you have to let it go and trust your teachers! At some point everything starts to make sense and makes you feel stronger. Not to mention the constant support from the TAs and your fellow students!

Thomas: The team and teachers do a really great job at keeping you motivated. The exercises become gradually harder while you're progressing through the course and everything is done so you can use what you've learned really quickly. Students tend to help each other and to pair-program so that nobody's left behind.

What was the transition out of Le Wagon like? And what are you doing now?

Manou: The day after the batch end, I went back to Le Wagon co-working space and kept working on a few projects of mine. A few weeks later, I attended Le Wagon Job Fair and met Aircall. From there I was invited to follow their recruitment process and... I'm now part of the team as a front-end developer!

Thomas: After le Wagon I worked on a mobile app with a few friends. I was in charge of the whole product side (UX/UI, ideations, design thinking), then I started my own project - Fivemarks.in (which is now closed). It led me to become a back-end developer at af83 and then at Aircall where I'm currently working with the amazing Manou.

What's the coolest opportunity (career-wise) that you've had since graduating Le Wagon?

Manou: Quickly after finishing Le Wagon I had a couple of interesting job offers. Now working at Aircall I realise how lucky I am to be part of a team with which I can continue to improve my skills and always have a great time!

Thomas: I would say it is Aircall where I'm working right now. We are building an amazing product and the team is truly awesome. I'm learning day after day and I'm always thriving.

If there was one piece of advice that would've helped you the most during your cohort, what would it be?

Manou: Never give up! It's so rewarding to learn this way. You have to be serious about it and trust the team in every way. I promise, it's worth it!

Thomas: Keep motivated, every day is a new day and don't hesitate to ask a lot of questions!

What was the most valuable takeaway from Le Wagon for you?

Manou: To always go further than where I think my limits are! I learned to learn and now I'm able to build things I never thought I would be able to!

Thomas: You get to know the amazing Seb Saunier and the incredible Paillard brothers. The three of them are incredible human beings!

Who would you recommend a coding bootcamp to? Why?

Manou: I would recommend Le Wagon to anyone who wants to learn to code and understand what's going on behind the screen but also to anyone who hated school as I truly believe that it's always possible to learn anything!

Thomas: Truly anyone! We're in a tech-oriented world and whatever your age, job or background are you will truly benefit from this experience. Whether you want to change your career path to become a developer or learn new skills, 'graduating' from leWagon will open new doors to you and will give you access to new opportunities.
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