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Discover what the 13 first Alumni in Mauritius became

Few weeks ago, 13 students completed the first bootcamp of Web Development Batch #654 in Mauritius and now they are swimming full in tech or even starting their own business with what they learnt during 9 weeks of hard work. You can see below what they turn into just after a few weeks. 


2 kick start their career as Freelancer

Gael, Freelance. Gael was student before Le Wagon, after the bootcamp Gael decided to put himself fully in freelance. He is currently working on a wonderful project for a startup and things getting his way. 

Teemij, Freelance & TA. Teemij is presently pursuing his studies and on duty as Teacher Assistant job for the present full-time batch, in the mean time, Teemij work as a freelancer on some projects. 

2 entrepreneurs

Nasreen, Entrepreneur. Career switcher before Le Wagon, Nasreen decided to learn coding to be able to develop is own project. Nasreen got many idea and now fully independent to kickstart her project.

Kaveesh, Entrepreneur. Kaveesh is joined with some of his buddies to start their very own small business with which the general public will be able to find a handy man around them whether in an emergency or simple you can book an appointment for a future work. Very innovative and accessible, Handyman near you will rebuild the way about finding someone near you to solve your problem. The rocket is in the launchpad. 

3 become Developers

Priyanka, Front-end Developer. Priyanka has been offered an opportunity to become front-end developer in a web creating company based in Mauritius, she now has a full-time contract.

Dilan, Front-end Developer. As his buddy Priyanka, Dilan had the opportunity as well to be part of

Fabrice, Teacher Assistant & Fullstack developer. Fabrice is now on board as Teacher Assistant at Le Wagon. He took some independent projects and keep working on Le Wagon’s project with Kaveesh, Khooshal and other alumni. 

5 went back to their studies ‍ ‍  

Khooshal, Study in Canada.  Kushal flew to Canada to continue his studies and work on side projects to keep the flow. He is also working on his project that he made for the Demo Day with his buddies.

Ugo, Study in France. Ugo left Mauritius after spending 3 years on the island, he went back to France to pursue his studies and currently doing some freelance.

Tiago, Study at EM LYON. Tiago flew to France to complete his master’s in digital marketing and Data Science at EM Lyon.

Dushyant, Student MiddleSex University. After the bootcamp, Dushyant proposed himself to help as teacher assistant during his free time as he is currently student at Middlesex University in computer science.

 Satine, Study. Satine is continuing her studies in Mauritius. 

1 is still searching

Doorgesh, Developer. Doorgesh is waiting to conquer his higher studies in Web Development. He is also working on some small projects in Freelance and regarding for job in web development. Following by our career services.
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