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Find a job in tech during your training.

Découvrez comment Alexandre a trouvé un job de développeur Full-Stack, quelques semaines après avoir commencé sa formation part-time au Wagon Lausanne. Une offre postée sur le Slack du Wagon, 2 Tests Techniques et un Entretien plus tard, et le voilà Dévelopeur Web dans une grosse agence lausannoise.

What did you do before Le Wagon? 

I did a BTS in France, then in 2017 I came to live in Switzerland, I worked in the multimedia department at Fnac, then I worked for Swisscom.

I must admit that I didn't really like sales, I aspired to a career in tech, a field that motivated me more. I wanted to go back to school, but I didn't really have the desire and the courage to study for a long time, so a friend of mine who was working in cybersecurity told me about the wagon, I saw it as a great opportunity to train quickly and finally change career.

What motivated you to follow the web developer bootcamp? 

I wanted to change my life, I was looking for solutions to reconvert myself in the tech industry, which I really liked. I made several researches to undertake a new training, I found a webdesigner training at the Migros Club School, but the training was really light compared to my needs to acquire new skills.

I followed the training for 6 months where we learned a little bit of HTML, CSS and design tools from the Adobe suite. I wanted to go further, but the acquired skills were clearly not enough to find a job in tech.

I searched the net, watched a lot of YouTube videos of devs who have retrained, they all talked about the Wagon training, I looked at reviews and naturally turned to the Wagon which is the best web dev training for a quick and professional retraining. I needed a training that allowed me to work at the same time, that's why I opted for the part-time with a program that corresponded to me at 100%.

You now work as a full stack at publishing factory.

Yes, it's really incredible thanks to the wagon, I had the opportunity to find a job at publishing factory, a big digital agency. They hired me as a full-stack developer.

My interview took place in 3 steps:

- A first technical test on CodinGame timed to evaluate my skills on MySQL.
- A 45-minute face-to-face interview.
- A full day of non-timed technical testing and at the end of the day, I showed them the project and we debriefed.

They were looking for a junior profile and I was a perfect fit for the job.

The car taught me the solid basics whether it was front end or back end, I was doing Ruby which I really enjoyed and now I do a lot of java script and AWS. The fact that I'm still a student and haven't finished the training didn't bother him in the least given the reputation of the wagon. He was looking for a profile that could adapt to all projects and the training gave me solid skills to understand how this field worked.

Basically, there are several web developers, they all have a well attracted pole, for my part, it's a little different, I'm one on all projects, I act as a satellite and I don't work on the same projects, so it's interesting, because I see a lot of different things. I do small modifications or sometimes I work on big projects. It's mostly websites or managing APIs.

How did you live your experience at the Wagon?

I loved the Wagon, I found the classes and the exercise system was really well thought out and very organized, the concept of pairs that change every day allows you to get to know each other and learn to work in groups.

As far as the teachers are concerned, they are super cool and always there to accompany us whatever the question is, even if it was not obvious at the beginning, in general, it is really a great experience.

We were able to do a final project that we wanted to do with the other students, and I've kept in touch with them. If there's one thing I have to remember, it's the first week of class, the exercises we did in Ruby, it was really a great time... In fact, it's the pure code that fascinates me.

Any advice for future alumni?

Be assiduous, listen well, and don't hesitate to ask as many questions as possible, because it only takes one missing piece of information to ruin a day of coding.
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