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What can you build after a Data Science Bootcamp ? Discover our Fall batch projects

Cet automne, nous avons lancé notre premier bootcamp en science des données à Montréal. Aujourd'hui, nos étudiants finalisent les projets Data Science qu'ils présenteront lors du Demo Day.
If you are wondering what we’re learning in the Data Science bootcamp or what kind of projects our students are working on, keep reading.

Batch 514 during happy hours

Market Prediction, a stock market prediction tool
As a means to put together all the knowledge acquired in the first weeks, after 7 weeks of learning, students are split in groups to work on apps solving a real-world problems. From data preparation, modeling to deployment and monitoring, they work together to deliver fully-functioning applications they build from scratch.

Batch #514 memes

« I had the chance to change career several times during my professional journey but one specific area was always missing: Tech. But having the knowledge to transition to this domain is not easy to acquire on your own, this is why I chose a fast but effective solution with Le Wagon’s Data Science Bootcamp » Samuel.

After several years in many areas of the web, Samuel wanted to expand his knowledge in Tech and Data Science. 
Along with Ben, Antoine and Sadegh, Samuel worked on Market Prediction, a machine learning model that gives insights about stocks to help investors make informed decisions. Using Facebook Prophet to predict trends and Streamlit, a powerful library turning data scripts into shareable web apps before deploying on Heroku, they put everything together in only 2 weeks. 
The Posture Wizard app, for a better posture
The second group composed of Raneen, Ghyslain and Jérôme worked on The Posture Wizard Project, an application that sends you quick and easy exercises based on your posture. Using a Tensorflow Model and different posture images, the app analyses and categorizes your image and suggests the right exercises to correct your posture from an API.

“Finding the best architecture to improve accuracy to classify the postures properly was a big challenge but it’s part of the learning process.” Raneen

As Raneen mentions, a big part of the learning process at Le Wagon is teaching students how to learn and solve problems. This is achieved through a very hands-on curriculum. Each day, students pair up with a buddy to work on a series of programming and data-related challenges with the help of our teaching staff.

“I gained a lot of practical experience in a short period of time and in such a fun way I didn’t see the time pass by. Definitely a great environment to learn in.” Ghyslain 

Join us for the Demo Day on Friday December 18 at 6PM to discover these projects live. 
Looking to get a piece of the data action? Contact Aline for more information about our new Data Science Bootcamp, beginning January 11.
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