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Get to know the Data Industry in Porto

Porto is home to a growing community in tech, and the same can be said of data scientists, analysts, and data-driven companies. As a central hub for technology and innovation in the country, the city has seen a surge in demand for data-oriented skills and expertise.

Below is some relevant information on the city that can be of use, whether you are a Data professional looking for a new position, someone curious about what Porto has to offer in this field, or if you are looking to reskill into data from another industry and want to know what to expect from the city!

Companies & Startups

There are several companies in Porto that are utilizing data to drive their businesses forward. These include startups like DefinedCrowd, unicorn-valued Feedzai, and Farfetch as well as larger companies such as Sonae, who have made Porto their base of operations over the years. These companies leverage data science to improve their products, optimize their operations, and better understand their customers. They find in Porto the professionals and structure they need to achieve that, partly thanks to the strong presence of Engineering Faculties in and around the city.

Open Positions

Portugal is facing a shortage of skilled data science and analytics professionals, and many companies in Porto are actively recruiting data-skilled workers from abroad to fill these vacant positions. A quick search on Linkedin, Indeed, or Glassdoor will reveal that there are over 1,000 job postings in the field and more being opened every day, with the companies who are actively hiring the most are big players with a strong emphasis on Data, such as Farfetch, Sonae and Capgemini Engineering.


Community at Le Wagon Porto


Several meetups and events, including the Data Science PortugalFive 9OPO Network, and Porto Digital Nomads support the tech community in Porto. These groups and events provide opportunities for data-driven professionals to network, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field, with many speakers coming from abroad to share their expertise with the local community.

With Le Wagon Porto now having its first-ever Data Batches, we are looking to add to the Data scene in the city and our first project is just that! Le Wagon’s Porto Data Week is an event series that will run for three days in May 2023, and will be the ideal opportunity for data-curious people to take their first steps into tech by providing them with beginner-friendly workshops while providing them with valuable insights from key players in the area, in an exclusive tech talk!

Ready to kickstart your journey into Data?

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